SALICE GLASSES 022 - 18/09/2019
Captivating with its vintage taste: it is the brand-new sunglass 022 by Salice. In the year of its 100th anniversary, Salice resumes and rediscovers the shapes and sizes of the past to make them, more than ever, current and modern in terms of materials and construction technolog
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GAVIA HELMET - 11/09/2019
The new helmet designed and built by Salice has the name of a historic Alpine cycling pass: Gavia. Designed for cycling, the shape is compact and aerodynamic for a design that makes it appealing and aggressive. Gavia is gritty and modern, but basically essential in its lines th
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RWX by NXT ® Lens - 11/09/2019
RWX by NXT ® is Salice's brand new mirror photochromic lens. It combines high-tech features with a captivating aesthetic appeal. Powered by the state-of-the art photochromic technology: it provides the right level of protection, adapting immediately to any light intensity and pr
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It is an everlasting helmet, now even more appealing with its new colours options. Levante is one of the favourite helmets of the Italian champions of the Androni Giocattoli Sidermec Team. The brand-new version “100” is now available in the size S-M (52-58 cm). A captivating
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New colour options are now available also for item 021. Salice was already offering a wide selection to satisfy everybody’s taste. The new and modern crystal range shines out, with crystal arms for a very refined look. There are three different crystal options available on the
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New colour options are now available also for item 020, to widen an already varied choice, and to meeting everyone's taste even more. The new collection brings four new colour options than the previous one, while only one colour option has left. Naturally, the leading colour opt
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New colour options are also available for item 016. What was Egan Bernal's favourite eyewear at the time of the Androni Giocattoli Sidermec experience is offered with the two ITA versions, black and white with the Italian flag, plus other nine colour options. The black RW lime is
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STELVIO S-M HELMET - 23/08/2019
To better adapt to the needs of its athletes, Salice Occhiali has decided to develop a new Stelvio helmet shell by introducing the S-M size (51-56 cm) to meet everyone's fit needs. The new Stelvio S-M, which is slightly smaller in size than the original M-L is available in 4 colo
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STELVIO M-L HELMET - 22/08/2019
Versatility is the term that best sums up the characteristics of the Stelvio helmet. Designed and born for mountain biking, Stelvio has quickly become great also for the road, becoming a helmet for every "terrain" and specialty. With Stelvio the aesthetic and functional aspects a
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A new and important partnership. This is what Salice Occhiali has established with Energica Motor Company. The company, based in Modena, in the Italian Motor Valley, is the first manufacturer of supersport electric motorcycles made in Italy. Salice Occhiali and Energica equate f
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The fifth edition of the Orobie Ultra-Trail®, one of the most beautiful and sought-after events in the world of running, has been presented last week in Bergamo. Salice Occhiali, for the event that is split in three distinct races, is, after the collaboration of the last two y
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SALICE GLASSES 021 - 05/07/2019
Item 021 is thought, projected and realized on the base of its “twin” 020, it is even lighter, more modern and aerodynamic, and even more fierce. Absolutely glamorous!
021 is a total lens model with a comfortable fit, which perfectly adapts itself on the face of whom wears
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SALICE GLASSES 019 - 08/06/2019
Salice 019 is two-lenses sunglass, enveloping, ultra-light, and… very firm on the head. Designed for great performance, it is ideal for all kinds of sports from running to kitesurfing, from rafting to rowing, and from sky running to ski mountaineering. 019 has been designed bas
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SALICE CATALOG - 28/02/2019
"100th Anniversary" with the Salice gold logo and the classic Italian flag of the "Vedi italiano" pay off. The cover of the new Salice catalog is impressive and appealing, on a black background with a goggle and a sunglass in chiaroscuro, and celebrates the century of life of the
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GOGGLE 619 - 27/02/2019
Pristine design, and, at the same time, aggressive and modern as the disciplines for which the goggle 619 is best suited. Designed and suggested for freestyle and snowboarding, the 619 is extremely light and guarantees a wide field of vision for those who wear it. Goggle 619 moun
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GOGGLE 604 - 23/02/2019
Small in size, but big in appeal! The 604 is Salice’s most charming goggle. Perfect for small faces, it is particularly suitable, due to its small size, for female faces. Ideal for alpine skiing, due to its characteristics it can also be seen as an "all mountain" goggle. In ad
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KID JUNIOR HELMET - 22/02/2019
Salice has completely renewed the KID junior helmet line offered to the youngsters. Compact: this is the watchword for the brand new KID which comes in one size fits all with adjuster and in new colours. Made with moulding technology, where the outer shell is printed directly wit
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GOGGLE 708 - 21/02/2019
Safety for young skiers. This is what Salice has reserved in studying, designing and creating goggle 708. It is recommended for alpine skiers between 7 and 12 years old but in practice is an “all mountain” goggle. Goggle 708 is available with a mirrored cylindrical double le
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GOGGLE 709 - 21/02/2019
Among the various models available for children and teenagers, Salice also offers goggle 709 for younger skiers from 7 to 12 years old. Goggle 709 is available with a mirrored spherical double lens RW by ZEISS in polycarbonate with UV protection 400 nm and protection in category
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GOGGLE 907 - 20/02/2019
Salice new product for cross-country skiing is called 907. Comfort, design and technology are the characteristics of this goggle that can be appreciated for its tilting lens and the appeal in matching colours between lenses and straps. The tilting of lens is one of the cool fea
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