New colour options are now available also for item 020, to widen an already varied choice, and to meeting everyone's taste even more. The new collection brings four new colour options than the previous one, while only one colour option has left. Naturally, the leading colour options are the two ITA versions (in white and black) with the Italian flag on it, the most distinctive sign of all Salice items. From the previous collection, white RW red, white RW blue, black RW yellow, black RW black and black RW red are confirmed. The new colour options are four: two with a white frame and two with a black frame. The combinations with the white frame are with the RW purple lens and with RW black lens. As for all the 020 items, the colour of the lenses goes hand in hand with the colours of the removable top and rim; the combinations with the black frame are RW blue and RW green. With these new colour options, the 020 is presented in the two Italian versions plus nine colour versions. For the rest, the sunglasses are the same as ever, which we find already worn by many athletes and enthusiasts. It has a comfortable fit with a wide vented lens made of polycarbonate, which gives protection and a wide vision. 020 sunglass is one of the last born at Salice Occhiali, it is light but without losing its resistance. It is made of Grilamid with anti-slip Megol rubber parts. The top is made of an injected plastic which is really appreciated both for its aesthetic and technical features. One of the features of this item is the air system that has a triple frontal ventilation to better direct the air and thus preventing the lens fogging. The lateral openings on the arms also help the ventilation. The arms (white or black signed with the Salice logo) also have a great fitting on the face. The nose pad, laying directly on the face, gives great comfort and avoids the sunglass falling off. The rubber part of the nose pad can easily be changed by the user. 020 can be worn with or without a rim, which comes in matching colours with the frame. The complete sunglass offers a better protection without stopping the ventilation of the lens. 020 item has a mirrored lens and it also has a spare clear lens in the RW version. The spare lens RW Radium comes with the RWP version, a mirrored polarized lens which guarantees an ideal visual, a correct colour perception and a better comfort thanks to the absorption of the sun rays’ reflections. With item 020 it is also available the brand new mirrored photochromic RWX by NXT® lens, which combines high technological elements and beauty. The new lens is developed with advanced photochromic technology to give the right level of protection, adapting immediately to any light intensity, protecting 100% from sunlight. It has a large photo range from category 1, not activated and with a subtle gloss, to category 3, when activated with an intense blue aspect. In the RWX version, the 020 mounts the RW lens and the RWX lens is supplied as spare.

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