Lenses Technology

Thanks to our expertise and on-going research, we work to offer products that protect your eyes from sun radiations, cold and wind; they improve your vision and are antifog. Salice goggles have the best fitting and a top look.

Photocromic Lenses

Photochromic lenses contain substances sensitive to UV rays that modify their chemical structure according to the intensity of light. The lens has a light base color that becomes darker when the sunlight is more intense, to quickly return to the initial color when the light decreases. This technology allows you to always wear glasses from shaded areas to particularly bright areas and vice versa. The colors available are CRX orange and smoke (category passage from 1 to 3) and bronze (available in category 1-3 on models with single lens: CSPEED, 012, 011, 006; in category 2-4 on all other glasses ).

con Polarized lens
senza Polarized lens

Polarized lens

Human eye cannot separate the horizontal rays from the vertical rays composing the light. Polarized lens contains a special “polarizing filter”, which absorbs the horizontal rays, responsible of glare and image distortions, and keeps the vertical rays only. Polarized lens assures the best vision, the right colours and contrast perception and a bigger comfort, as it absorbs the glares that normally strain the eye.

lens IR infrared

For best eye protection against optical radiations: our new lens IR infrared. Optical radiation damages on the eyes are due to their wavelength and power. Radiations are ultraviolet UV light (length: 100-380 nm), visible light (length: 380-780 nm) and infrared IR-A light (length 780 m-1 mm). IR lens totally stops the absorption of UV lights (UV-A, UVB, UV-C), cause of several diseases (cataract, retina degeneration, and photokeratoconjunctivitis). It stops blue light absorption (380-550 nm) one of the cause of photoretinitis. It stops the absorption of infrared IR-A rays, which cause heat damage on eyes, cataracts, damages on retina and cornea and keratocongiuntivitis. IR lens guarantees a clear vision and best depth; protection cat. 2.

High Contrast Lenses

The light that filters in the human eye is divided into visible spectrum, in wavelengths between 380 and 780 nm, and non-visible spectrum, which includes light in the ultraviolet (UV light) field and in the infrared field (IR light). The blue light component between 380 and 500 nm is also known as High-Energy Visible light (HEV). HEV light lenses create a “feel” due to the effect of the elements and oxides used in the colour dyes and coatings. This treatment stimulates the receptor cells on the retina creating a brain experience sensation from each specific lens colour. Colours are seen as “pop” thus making the perfect solution for any particular lifestyle. Red, green, and yellow colours seep in resulting in improved contrast, a better separation of colours, and a higher sense of depth. The results are faster reactions and better performances.

Quattro lens

Quattro lens is developed for the mountain, with top protection cat. 4. The basic colour, a special smoke shade, is developed to reach a relaxing effect with highly reflective surfaces (snow and ice). The front mirroring aims at reducing the glare.


We recommend using a non-abrasive optical cleaner to clean your lenses. Mechanical resistance suitable for normal conditions of use, where no excessive stress is expected.
Salice sunglasses are Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and, as such, are governed by European regulation EU 2016/425 and comply with the harmonized European Standard EN ISO 12312-1:2013/A1.

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