Salice's 011 sunglasses is an "all sports" model which is characterized by the particularly enveloping shape of the lens as well as the upper ventilation of the lens which prevents fogging. The lenses are made of 400 nm UV polycarbonate, guaranteeing maximum coverage from ultraviolet rays, anti-scratch and subjected to IDRO treatment: water and dust slide off more easily from the surface of the glasses ensuring optimal vision. Nose pad and arms tips are in Megol, soft non-slip rubber while the frame is molded in Grilamid The 011 glasses are always sold with two lenses. The first of these can be: RW (Cat 3) or a photochromic lens RWX by Next (Cat 1/3) or a polarized lens RWP (Cat 3). The second lens supplied is always an orange lens (Cat1). COLORS There are eight standard colours, six standard to which are added the two Italian variants. ITA white/RW green, ITA black/RW blue Orange/RW Green, White/RW Blue, Turquoise/RW Red, yellow/RW blue, red/RW red, black/RW green DISCIPLINES Cycling, running, sailing, multisport VERSIONS The RW package includes an RW lens (Cat 3) and an orange lens (Cat1). The RWX equipment includes an RWX photochromic lens (Cat 1/3) and an orange lens (Cat1). The RWP equipment includes a polarized RWP lens (Cat 3) and an orange lens (Cat1). SIZE Length 172mm, width 147mm, height 40mm WEIGHT 26 grams

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