Captivating with its vintage taste: it is the brand-new sunglasses 022 by Salice. In the year of its 100th anniversary, Salice resumes and rediscovers the shapes and sizes of the past to make them, more than ever, current and modern in terms of materials and construction technology. The technology of this new sunglasses is absolutely avant-garde with the wide cylindrical polycarbonate High Contrast (HC) lens. Protection and field of vision go even further with item 022: the full-lens model has an absolutely exceptional fit for a full protection of the face. It wraps well that it is aerodynamic in the line and almost resembles a small mask, where, however, all the "light" and "freedom" characteristics of a sunglasses remain intact. The new Salice eyewear looks ideal for all those sports - cycling first of all - where the search for a product that combines protection, visual field, lightness and stability when wearing it is increasingly high. Light and resistant, the eyewear 022 carries in the temples (where the Salice logo finds space in modern 3D printing), its highly effective airflow system designed to reduce fogging. Made of Grilamid with Megol rubber anti-slip inner terminals. The Megol rubber nose pad guarantees comfort and prevents the glasses from slipping. It is sold with mirrored RW high contrast HC lens. The lens, which is scratch resistant, has an anti-reflective and hydrophobic treatment. Thanks to this lens, colours are seen as "pop" thus making the perfect solution for any particular sport and lifestyle. Red, green, and yellow colours seep in in resulting in improved contrast, a better separation of colours, and a greater sense of depth. 022 is then supplied with a second transparent lens, which is easily and quickly interchangeable, or in the RWX version with the brand-new RWX by NXT®, which is a mirrored photochromic lens. New born, The RWX by NXT® lens has got both high-tech and fashion features. Powered by the state-of-the-art photochromic technology, it provides the right level of protection when needed as it adapts instantly to the light environment, protecting also from 100% from UV rays. RWX by NXT® lens is versatile with its large photo range: from category 1, when not activated, in environments and weather conditions with low light, to category 3, when activated, in bright conditions. In addition to its technical features, the RWX by NXT® lens will also magnify your look! From subtle gloss, while non activated, to intense blue aspect in bright conditions, it brings colour differentiation. Note that this mirror coating contributes to protect from glare and reduce eye fatigue. The oleophobic front-side coating prevents scratches, smudges, fingerprints, dust and water on the external surface of the lens. The colour choices, once again, do not betray the expectations: the two Italia versions (the black with a RW yellow lens and the white with a RW blue lens) are the leader to which are added other six two-tone combinations where the "broken" colour of the frame, which goes hand in hand with the temples and lenses, it is the other great aesthetic plus of this new model. Available colours: ITA black RW yellow, ITA white RW blue, white-blue RW blue, white-black RW black, white-fuchsia RW purple, black-lime RW yellow, black-red RW red, black-white RW black.

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