016 model is one of the most modular and best-equipped sunglasses in the catalogue. In the 016 package there are: two additional lenses compared to the one assembled on the product, a second rim in the same tone as the frame not supplied in the "Italia" color variants, and a nose pad to be assembled on the lens in place of the rim, that makes the glasses more open. There are therefore numerous options that the athlete can choose according to his needs, light conditions and aesthetic taste. The materials of the arms, rim and nose pad are the usual ones: in Grilamid, a light and particularly resistant compound combined with Megol, a hypoallergenic, softer and more comfortable rubber, which ensures a better grip on the face without neglecting the comfort. The air flow system that prevents fogging relies on the two slits on the top of the lens. The arms, on which the Salice writing stands out, are sturdy and indicate the vocation of these glasses for all outdoor activities. With regards to the lens equipment, the customer has 3 choice options. With a mirrored RW lens (cat 3) it will also have a transparent lens (cat 0) and a orange (cat 1). In the RWP version (cat 3) with polarized mirrored lens, the replacement lenses will be RW Radium (cat 1) and transparent (cat 0). With RWX (cat 1/3) by NXT photochromic mirrored lens - which goes from a subtle shine to an intense blue - the lenses supplied will be one RW mirrored (cat 3) and one transparent (cat 0). COLORS Eleven colours, nine standard and two Italian variants. ITA white/RW blue, ITA black/RW green White/RW Red, White/RW Blue, Lime/RW Black, turquoise/RW yellow, green RW/blue, black/RW red, black/RW black, black/RW green, black/RW yellow DISCIPLINES Multisport and outdoor disciplines VERSIONS The RW package includes one RW lens (Cat 3), one transparent (Cat 0) and one orange (Cat 1). The RWP equipment includes a polarized lens (cat 3), an RW Radium (cat. 1) and a transparent one (cat 0). The RWX equipment includes one RWX photochromic lens (Cat 1/3), one RW (Cat 3) and one transparent (cat 0). SIZE Length 172mm, width 149mm, height 50mm WEIGHT 31 grams.

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