GOGGLE 100 and 101

100. That's how it is called, like the 100 years of Salice. The new goggle, officially presented at ISPO 2019, is light and wide and, like the twin 101, is a winsome reinterpretation of the famous goggles of the '70s. Those worn by the “valanga azzurra” champions that brought so much success to Salice. If the style and design of the goggle recall the vintage of those glorious days, the technology and materials are projected into the future and bring Salice two new products at the top of their category. The 100 has a cylindrical lens and is born for the ski-race world; the 101 with a toric lens is perfect for snowboarders and freestylers. The full-lens structure, double mirrored RW by ZEISS in polycarbonate, guarantees to those who wear them the maximum visibility and protection. 100 and 101 can be equipped with four other types of lenses: RW Clear (Cat. S1), Radium (Cat. S2), Zeiss Sonar (Cat. S2), Tech. The latter is photochromic and polarized and adds the multi-coating mirror treatment which increases its contrast. It is also worth highlighting that this lens shifts category from a non-activated S2 to an activated lens S4. It is a goggle very comfortable to wear, thanks also to the strap with the double adjustment. The combinations of some new straps to the lenses have further expanded the colour range proposed by Salice and the choices for athletes and enthusiasts. Among the latest things we highlight black-blue and yellow-lime, almost fluorescent, together with the new rainbow strap. There are twelve combinations for matching lens colours / strap. In addition to these, two versions with the Italian flag strap are part of the "Centennial edition" line. The “Centennial edition” straps come also with the vintage Salice logo celebrating the "100th edition". These “Centennial edition” goggles are proposed in the following colours: white with RW blue lens and black with RW yellow lens. The “Centennial edition” goggles, along with 619, 605 and 618 “Centennial edition”, are supplied in a special rigid case designed for the purposed of celebrating Salice 100th anniversary. List of colours Salice goggle 100: White RW Blue – Lime RW Black – Light Blue RW Yellow – Charcoal RW Green – Charcoal RW Yellow – Black RW Black – Black RW Yellow – Black RW Red – Black RW Blue – White RW Red – White RW Gold – White RW Violet List of colours Salice goggle 100 “Centennial edition”: White RW Blue – Black RW Yellow List of colours Salice goggle 101: Lime RW Blue – Charcoal RW Black – White RW Black – White RW Red – Lime RW Black – Light Blue RW Blue – Black RW Blue – Black RW Yellow – Black RW Red – White RW Violet – Charcoal RW Violet – Black RW Gold List of colours Salice goggle “Centennial edition”: White RW Blue – Black RW Yellow

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