Salice goggles are an explosion of new colours. The new collection brings a renewed colour range on different models. New colours have been applied to frames, lenses, straps and of course new trendy combinations have been made. In short, trend and style go hand in hand with the technology and materials of the absolutely modern Salice goggles. Bright red and orange gain important space in the range as frame colours, as well as turquoise. Among the lenses, the brand new RW irex stands out. This lens moves its different shades of fuchsia / purple in a captivating new colour, indistinctly conquering both male and female tastes. Lime with RW irex and RW red are two of the new trendy combinations and really aggressive in their aesthetics. Salice goggles from the 2020/2021 collection also offer lots of gold with the always elegant black and the more neutral white. The new orange with RW black, charcoal RW red and the "all red" (frame and lens) are also appealing. The 100 and 101 goggles are certainly the most affected by these colour changes, with the 618 and 608 being no less in terms of novelty. 100, the goggle created together with the 101 to celebrate Salice centennial, are renewed by the new blue RW blue, charcoal RW gold, red RW red, white RW irex, black RW gold. For the 101, the new entries in the range are given by orange RW irex, charcoal RW irex, white RW irex, white RW gold and with the new and fascinating turquoise RW irex with a white strap on which the Salice logo stands out in pink. Really trendy! The new 618 features yellow RW blue, orange RW red, light blue RW blue, fuchsia RW blue, charcoal RW irex, lime RW red with lime strap which makes the frame stand out even more. The 608 is renewed with lime RW red, blue RW red, charcoal RW irex, orange RW black, black RW gold, and white RW irex with rainbow strap for an effective multicolour, fuchsia RW irex is also very impactful. Even the 907, the goggle specially designed for cross-country skiing, is renewed with its new black RW red look. To change is also the "Centennial edition" line with the Italian flag strap and its hard and soft cases. The five models also presented in this line (100, 105, 618, 101 and 619) can be found in the confirmed white RW blue and in the more aggressive and newer black RW red. Almost all the goggles in the new catalogue showcase new colours, the result of research and a desire for taste and trend that never ceases to animate Salice Occhiali. To satisfy, once again, everyone's taste following fashion and style.

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