Natalia Mastrota new testimonial for Salice Occhiali

Salice Occhiali has the pleasure of announcing an exceptional testimonial, an extraordinary woman for 2017: Natalia Mastrota, a splendid athlete on and off the slopes. Born with the mountain in the blood, just like Salice Occhiali, which for almost 100 years has dedicated itself to researching and creating the best equipment for real sportsmen and sportswomen. Natalia Mastrota has illustrious birth, she is the daughter of the popular TV presenter Giorgio Mastrota and the beautiful showgirl Natalia Estrada. He could have had a facilitated career in the entertainment world but, the young promising 20-year-old Italian ski mountaineer, since she discovered skiing at the age of 14 has never abandoned her. Her dream? Become a mountain guide on the Himalayas. Natalia will represent Salice in races, as well as in training and free time with products dedicated to skiing, masks, helmets and glasses. A simple and quiet girl outside, aggressive and determined on the track, promises of Italian skiing with precise dreams and goals and Salice Occhiali will be at her side!

Via Suganappa 10, 22015,
Gravedona ed Uniti, Como, Italy
Tel. +39 0344 85224
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