The new helmet designed and built by Salice has the name of a historic Alpine cycling pass: Gavia. Designed for cycling, the shape is compact and aerodynamic for a design that makes it appealing and aggressive. Gavia is gritty and modern, but basically essential in its lines that convey safety. Gavia guarantees high-level performance, for the most demanding professionals and enthusiasts, with maximum ventilation thanks to the fifteen holes, which are larger than its predecessors and with a minimal internal lining pad, which in any case does not lose anything in comfort and protection and indeed, as a plus, gives a beautiful sensation of greater "coolness" to those who wear it. The In-moulding construction technology makes it more than ever light and impact resistant. Equipped with a tightening strap system, it is adjustable in height with a safety light on the size adjuster. Furthermore, the Gavia helmet has been designed - this is one of the major novelties - with a two-side-fastening guide: a very simple and practical system for keeping the sunglasses firmly on the helmet when not wearing them. Gavia is available in sizes S-M (51-58 cm) and L-XL (58-61 cm). Colour variants: two the Italian versions in white and black, then all black, white-black, white-red, black-lime and black-red for a helmet that intersects its lines with wise style and that is already a pleasure to wear. Gavia has the European certification EN 1078.

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    To better adapt to the needs of its athletes, Salice Occhiali has decided to develop a new Stelvio helmet shell by introducing the S-M size (51-56 cm) to meet everyone's fit needs. The new Stelvio S-M, which is slightly smaller in size than the original M-L is available in 4 colour variants, plus 2 classic Italian versions with the famous Italian flag, a distinctive trait of the Salice Occhiali. The Stelvio S-M helmet comes beside the Stelvio M-L (56-60 cm), which continues to be produced in 7 colours plus 2 Italian versions. The new version of the helmet, which is also supplied to the professional riders of the Androni Giocattoli Sidermec team, has naturally all the features of the M-L, the largest twin. Safety is guaranteed by double certifications: EN 1078 and the American CPSC. Stelvio is a versatile model and certainly the most customizable of those made by Salice. There are two elements that distinguish it: the lug and the removable central cover. Thanks to these two mobile elements, Stelvio allows users to have as many as 6 configurations, depending on the tastes and needs of each athlete. Seventeen are, instead, the total aeration holes. Available colour variants: Stelvio S-M Black / Yellow, Black / Red, Black, White. Italian variants: ITA White, ITA Black. Weight: 240 grams.

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    Versatility is the term that best sums up the characteristics of the Stelvio helmet. Designed and born for mountain biking, Stelvio has quickly become great also for the road, becoming a helmet for every "terrain" and specialty. With Stelvio the aesthetic and functional aspects are combined to maintain a truly optimal level of protection. Stelvio, which is guaranteed by the double European EN1078 and American CPSC certifications lends itself to a wide range of customizations based on the needs of the user. There are six possible configurations that allow users to have six different modes of use, thanks to the removable central cover and the front lug. It is the removable external cover (with magnetic locking and unlocking system) in polycarbonate to cover or uncover five central ventilation holes out of seventeen, allowing the best solution according to weather conditions and temperature. The lug, in the front position, adds protection by removing nothing from the view; in the rear, it turns into a mini spoiler with an aerodynamic effect (very suitable for the bmx). Stelvio, made with in-moulding technology (polycarbonate and EPS), has an "anti-slip" system. Stelvio is available in nine colours (seven standards, plus the two Italian variants), proposed in size M-L (54-60 cm). Available colour variants: White, Black, Black / Yellow, Black / Red, Black / Blue, Black / Orange, Black / Green. Italian variants: ITA White, ITA Black. Weight: 300 grams.

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    A new and important partnership. This is what Salice Occhiali has established with Energica Motor Company. The company, based in Modena, in the Italian Motor Valley, is the first manufacturer of supersport electric motorcycles made in Italy. Salice Occhiali and Energica equate for the Italianity of their brands as well as R&D, technology, and innovation. Salice Occhiali supplies to Energica the item 3047 Bicolour RW Green. Item 3047 is a young, modern and trendy lifestyle eyewear. Sofia Goggia, the Italian skier who uses Salice outside of the race world, often wears it. Energica was born from the experience of over 45 years of the CRP Group in Modena, a well-known centre of excellence for cutting-edge technologies. CRP's know-how in the F1 world and the aerospace industry, keeps Energica at the forefront and ready for future technological innovations. Energica together with CRP form one of the most advanced groups in the world in the field of high-performance engines. From this season onwards, with its Ego Corsa, Energica is the protagonist of the world's first electric motorcycle competition as the sole manufacturer for the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup. A beautiful goal, therefore, for high-tech motorcycles with a green heart. It is here, in the racing world, that Salice made Alessandro Brannetti, the world's most experienced electric motorcycle driver, an important new testimonial. Brannetti is an experienced pilot and official tester for the Ego Corsa technology. Salic

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Salice: the sports brand of Italy

Salice is the sports brand of Italy. We are a manufacturer of sunglasses and goggles since 1919. Salice provides advanced and innovative products to those who practice outdoor activities including but not limited to skiing, snowboarding, cycling, motocross, sailing, canoeing and much more. We are devoted to fine Italian design and, thanks to the invaluable input of our athletes and R&D team, to continuous technological improvements. Our brand derives from the founding family, Salice, and our current EC, Anna Salice, is the third generation in charge. Salice is today, more than ever, synonymous with sport, speed, energy, and adrenaline. These values constitute the core of our business philosophy. The safety of our products and the protection they guarantee to our athletes and to everyone who wear them is one of our invaluable strengths. Salice collections are guaranteed "Made in Italy" and fully manufactured in our factory on the picturesque lake Como.

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