• GOGGLE 105

    105. This is the name of the new-born at Salice Occhiali. Modern and aggressive, the 105 is frameless goggle with an interesting aesthetic that blends simple and dynamic lines. Thanks to its minimal design is very appealing. This goggle’s technology is of the latest generation: the 105 has been designed according to the highest standards and with the best materials to meet the needs of high-level athletes and demanding enthusiasts. With a cylindrical lens, it is an "all mountain" goggle that suits everyone: the 105, in fact, is an Over The Glasses (OTG) goggle. The width of its interior is, then, reflected in the wide field of vision. Comfortable to wear, it adapts perfectly to any faces thanks to its soft hypoallergenic velvet. The 105 is equipped with a RW by ZEISS double mirror lens in polycarbonate with UV protection 400 nm, scratch-resistant and anti-fog. The 105 is also equipped with the technological-advanced lens RWX by NXT® winter technology. The innovative winter technology ensures optimal vision on the snow in all weather conditions, solving the typical problem of photochromic lenses which darken at low temperatures even in low light conditions. Produced by Essilor, it is powered by the state-of-the-art photochromic technology, providing the right level of protection as it adapts to the light environment. From low light to bright conditions, the lens protects your eyes from 100% of the UV rays. From category 1, when not activated, in environments and weather c

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  • SUNGLASS 023

    Large, beautiful. A all one between frame and lens: this is how the new 023 is presented. The modern design lines recall a sober vintage still very up-to-date and indeed almost projected to the future. This is the form, certainly captivating, of the last born at Salice, an "all sports" for all tastes. Top in materials and technology, the 023 is avant-garde with its large high contrast HC polycarbonate lens. The high contrast treatment creates greater contrast, better separation of visible colours and a greater sense of depth. The result guarantees faster reactions and better performance. UV400 protection ensures maximum coverage from ultraviolet rays. The anti-reflective treatment eliminates glare, while the hydrophobic treatment allows water, dust, and dirt to slide away, ensuring a better and always clear vision. With the frame that only profiles the upper part of the lens and stops at the height of the temples which it joins in a natural way, with an effective structural and design click, the 023 gives protection and visual field. The fit is exceptional for complete face coverage, but at the same time freer than full-frame models. Lightness is the other plus of a sunglasses. It is printed in Grilamid with the inner part of the terminals in anti-slip Megol rubber. The nose pad, almost invisible, with direct support to the face, guarantees comfort and prevents the glasses from sliding. Sold with high contrast HC RW mirrored lens, 023 is then supplied with a second RW radi

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    It is both an aesthetic and a technical restyling the one that led to the new edition of Salice goggle 619. Without altering its original, aggressive and modern design, the lines of the new 619 goggle are now gentler, almost sinuous, to accompany the face even more, gaining in appeal. Ideal for freestyle and snowboarding, the 619 is extremely light and, although not exaggerated in size, it guarantees a wide field of vision for those who wear it. Mounted with a toric lens, it is basically frameless. The facial support is comfortable thanks to the soft hypoallergenic velvet. The double adjustable strap increases the goggle’s practicality and fit, even in combination with the helmet. From a technical point of view, the restyling has made the 619 an Over The Glasses (OTG) goggle thus opening up options also for those who wear prescription glasses. The mirror double lens RW by ZEISS has anti-scratch and anti-fog technology and offers protection against ultraviolet rays (UV400) with protection in category S3. As with many of the other Salice models, the 619 has also the possibility of being equipped with 4 other types of lenses: RW Clear (cat. S1), Radium (cat S2), Zeiss Sonar (cat S2), and Tech. The latter is at the same time photochromic and polarized: it also adds a multi-layer mirror treatment able to increase contrast, thus giving even more appeal to the goggle. Tech lens has got a large photo range: from category S2, when not activated, to category S4, when activated. Th

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    Salice goggles are an explosion of new colours. The new collection brings a renewed colour range on different models. New colours have been applied to frames, lenses, straps and of course new trendy combinations have been made. In short, trend and style go hand in hand with the technology and materials of the absolutely modern Salice goggles. Bright red and orange gain important space in the range as frame colours, as well as turquoise. Among the lenses, the brand new RW irex stands out. This lens moves its different shades of fuchsia / purple in a captivating new colour, indistinctly conquering both male and female tastes. Lime with RW irex and RW red are two of the new trendy combinations and really aggressive in their aesthetics. Salice goggles from the 2020/2021 collection also offer lots of gold with the always elegant black and the more neutral white. The new orange with RW black, charcoal RW red and the "all red" (frame and lens) are also appealing. The 100 and 101 goggles are certainly the most affected by these colour changes, with the 618 and 608 being no less in terms of novelty. 100, the goggle created together with the 101 to celebrate Salice centennial, are renewed by the new blue RW blue, charcoal RW gold, red RW red, white RW irex, black RW gold. For the 101, the new entries in the range are given by orange RW irex, charcoal RW irex, white RW irex, white RW gold and with the new and fascinating turquoise RW irex with a white strap on which the Salice logo st

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Salice: the sports brand of Italy

Salice is the sports brand of Italy. We are a manufacturer of sunglasses and goggles since 1919. Salice provides advanced and innovative products to those who practice outdoor activities including but not limited to skiing, snowboarding, cycling, motocross, sailing, canoeing and much more. We are devoted to fine Italian design and, thanks to the invaluable input of our athletes and R&D team, to continuous technological improvements. Our brand derives from the founding family, Salice, and our current EC, Anna Salice, is the third generation in charge. Salice is today, more than ever, synonymous with sport, speed, energy, and adrenaline. These values constitute the core of our business philosophy. The safety of our products and the protection they guarantee to our athletes and to everyone who wear them is one of our invaluable strengths. Salice collections are guaranteed "Made in Italy" and fully manufactured in our factory on the picturesque lake Como.

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