A new and important partnership. This is what Salice Occhiali has established with Energica Motor Company. The company, based in Modena, in the Italian Motor Valley, is the first manufacturer of supersport electric motorcycles made in Italy. Salice Occhiali and Energica equate for the Italianity of their brands as well as R&D, technology, and innovation. Salice Occhiali supplies to Energica the item 3047 Bicolour RW Green. Item 3047 is a young, modern and trendy lifestyle eyewear. Sofia Goggia, the Italian skier who uses Salice outside of the race world, often wears it. Energica was born from the experience of over 45 years of the CRP Group in Modena, a well-known centre of excellence for cutting-edge technologies. CRP's know-how in the F1 world and the aerospace industry, keeps Energica at the forefront and ready for future technological innovations. Energica together with CRP form one of the most advanced groups in the world in the field of high-performance engines. From this season onwards, with its Ego Corsa, Energica is the protagonist of the world's first electric motorcycle competition as the sole manufacturer for the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup. A beautiful goal, therefore, for high-tech motorcycles with a green heart. It is here, in the racing world, that Salice made Alessandro Brannetti, the world's most experienced electric motorcycle driver, an important new testimonial. Brannetti is an experienced pilot and official tester for the Ego Corsa technology. Salic

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    The fifth edition of the Orobie Ultra-Trail®, one of the most beautiful and sought-after events in the world of running, has been presented last week in Bergamo. Salice Occhiali, for the event that is split in three distinct races, is, after the collaboration of the last two years, the official technical sponsor of the event which, as the name implies, gravitates around the city of Bergamo and its valleys. The event is organized by Asso Orobica and Spiagames and is scheduled from the 26th to the 28th of July. The three races that differ in mileage and itinerary have in common the arrival in Bergamo Alta. The event starts on July 26th with the Bergamo Urban Trail, a 20-kilometre urban race with 700 metres. It continues July 27th with the Gran Trail Orobie from Carona with 70 kilometres and 4200 metres in altitude and with the new born Marathon Trail Orobie from San Pellegrino Terme with 42 kilometres and 2300 metres in altitude. Instead, the organization has made an appointment in 2020 with the new edition of the queen race, that 140 kilometres (now every two years) so suggestive, but also so difficult to put on the field. Orobie Ultra-Trail, which starts from the heart of the Alps to end in the enchantment of a medieval city, is proposed as a levelled sporting event, but at the same time as an expression of a deeply natural lifestyle. The races will see more than 600 volunteers on the tracks, they will put on the courses something like 2000 participants from 25 nations an

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    Item 021 is thought, projected and realized on the base of its “twin” 020, it is even lighter, more modern and aerodynamic, and even more fierce. Absolutely glamorous!
021 is a total lens model with a comfortable fit, which perfectly adapts itself on the face of whom wears it and it offers a wide view and a great protection. It is perfect for every type of sports, from cycling to running, and for every type of weather condition. It is excellent also for everyday usage thanks to its lightness and style. Item 021 is one of the last born in Salice Occhiali, it is absolutely light but without losing its resistance. It is made of Grilamid with the inner parts of the temple tips made of anti-slip Megol rubber. The nose pad, laying directly on the face, gives great comfort and avoids the sunglass falling off. The rubber part of the nose pad can easily be changed by the user. One of the pluses of this model is the air ventilation system that goes through the nose pad. Another feature of this item is the easily changeable lens. The lateral openings on the arms help the flow of the air thus avoiding fogging. The arms (white or black with the Salice logo) also have a great fitting on the face. 021 item has a rainbow lens and comes with a clear spare lens in the basic version, a CRX spare lens in Chromolex version. In RWP (rainbow polarized) version it comes with a RW Radium spare lens. It is possible to choose between nine colours to meet everybody’s taste.

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    Salice 019 is two-lenses sunglass, enveloping, ultra-light, and… very firm on the head. Designed for great performance, it is ideal for all kinds of sports from running to kitesurfing, from rafting to rowing, and from sky running to ski mountaineering. 019 has been designed based on athletes’ needs, as it usually happens at Salice Occhiali. It has an essential frame in Grilamid with the possibility of applying, with a simple click, a pair of grips (made of Grilamid and Megol and sold with the sunglass) on the temples, allowing those who wear them to attach even more firmly the glasses to the head. This feature guarantees even more stability especially in those lively and animated sports. The 019 model, with two base 8 lenses, comes with a second pair of lenses. One can choose between mirrored RW RAINBOW lenses, mirrored and polarized RWP RAINWBOW lenses, and CRX Chromolex photochromic lenses. In the RW and RWP version, the second lens is a RW Radium. The CRX version is sold with RW lenses. 019 offers the possibility to mount optical clips, shaped for base 6 ophthalmic lenses, a practical solution for those who regularly wear corrective glasses. It also supports the optical clip with monofocal polarized lenses. Available colours: Crystal RW Blue, White RW Red, Blue RW Yellow, Black RW Red, Black RW Blue, Black RW Black. Colours with the Italian flag: ITA White RW Blue, ITA Black RW Yellow.

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Salice: the sports brand of Italy

Salice is the sports brand of Italy. We are a manufacturer of sunglasses and goggles since 1919. Salice provides advanced and innovative products to those who practice outdoor activities including but not limited to skiing, snowboarding, cycling, motocross, sailing, canoeing and much more. We are devoted to fine Italian design and, thanks to the invaluable input of our athletes and R&D team, to continuous technological improvements. Our brand derives from the founding family, Salice, and our current EC, Anna Salice, is the third generation in charge. Salice is today, more than ever, synonymous with sport, speed, energy, and adrenaline. These values constitute the core of our business philosophy. The safety of our products and the protection they guarantee to our athletes and to everyone who wear them is one of our invaluable strengths. Salice collections are guaranteed "Made in Italy" and fully manufactured in our factory on the picturesque lake Como.

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