The partnership between Salice Occhiali and Energica Motor Company continues and has worked well since it started shortly after mid-2019. Energica, a company based in Modena in the Italian engine district par excellence, is the first manufacturer of electric motorcycles. supersport all made in Italy. Salice Occhiali in Energica has found a partner with whom to share ambition, the Italian character of the brand, technology, development, innovation and professionalism. To the Emilian company, which is the only manufacturer for Fim Enel MotoE ™ World Cup from 2019 to 2022, Salice offers eyewear 3047 in the green rw crystal version. 3047 is one of the trendy, young, modern lifestyle models. Energetic as a manufacturer, it is appreciated for the high technology of its racing cars, marked by a green heart. And the models of the House, alongside the winning Ego bike, increase starting with Eva EsseEsse9 and Eva Ribelle. With Energica in the racing world, Salice has as testimonial Alessandro Brannetti, the most experienced electric motorbike rider in the world. Brannetti is a highly experienced driver and official tester of Ego Corsa technologies. Salice Occhiali also supports Branna off the piste in his daily training by providing cycling helmets and goggles, as well as motorcycle and ski goggles, a ski helmet, and lifestyle goggles. Salice a Energica lifestyle eyewear is supplied to the Racing Team, the Test Team, but also to the communication, marketing and management teams. Salice, as mentioned, is officially Energica Technical Partner and will see its logo and the pay off “see Italian” in each of the Energica events. The company, based on Modena, was born from the experience of over 45 years of the CRP Group in Modena, a center of excellence for cutting-edge technologies. CRP's know-how in the world of F1 and the aerospace industry, keep Energica at the forefront and ready for future technological innovations. Energica together with CRP form one of the most advanced and pioneering groups in the world in the field of high performance engines.

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