Salice 019 is two-lenses sunglass, enveloping, ultra-light, and… very firm on the head. Designed for great performance, it is ideal for all kinds of sports from running to kitesurfing, from rafting to rowing, and from sky running to ski mountaineering. 019 has been designed based on athletes’ needs, as it usually happens at Salice Occhiali. It has an essential frame in Grilamid with the possibility of applying, with a simple click, a pair of grips (made of Grilamid and Megol and sold with the sunglass) on the temples, allowing those who wear them to attach even more firmly the glasses to the head. This feature guarantees even more stability especially in those lively and animated sports. The 019 model, with two base 8 lenses, comes with a second pair of lenses. One can choose between mirrored RW RAINBOW lenses, mirrored and polarized RWP RAINWBOW lenses, and CRX Chromolex photochromic lenses. In the RW and RWP version, the second lens is a RW Radium. The CRX version is sold with RW lenses. 019 offers the possibility to mount optical clips, shaped for base 6 ophthalmic lenses, a practical solution for those who regularly wear corrective glasses. It also supports the optical clip with monofocal polarized lenses. Available colours: Crystal RW Blue, White RW Red, Blue RW Yellow, Black RW Red, Black RW Blue, Black RW Black. Colours with the Italian flag: ITA White RW Blue, ITA Black RW Yellow.

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