To better adapt to the needs of its athletes, Salice Occhiali decided to develop a new shell of the Stelvio helmet introducing the XS size (51-56) to satisfy everyone's needs. The new Stelvio XS will be available in 4 colour variants, plus 2 classic Italian versions with the famous Italian flag, a distinctive feature of Salice Occhiali products. The Stelvio XS helmet will be joined by the Stelvio XL (56-60), which will continue to be produced in 7 colours plus the 2 Italian flag versions. Stelvio is made for mountain-biking, where the aesthetic and functional aspects are combined so to keep intact the optimal protection properties. Stelvio is a very versatile and customizable product. There are two elements that distinguish it: the front lug and the removable central cover. Thanks to these two removable elements, Stelvio allows to have as many as 6 configurations to choose from, based on the tastes and needs of the athlete. The different possibilities of combining these elements are crucial for achieving the desired performance. When the sun can be annoying, the front lug will make its contribution by protecting and allowing an optimal view. In some cases, especially with BMX, instead it will be useful to move the lug on the back of the helmet turning it into a mini-spoiler to promote greater aerodynamics. The other possible configurations are available using the removable cover that covers or discovers 5 central ventilation holes (out of 17 total), allowing various types of ventilation, extremely useful depending on the climatic conditions and temperature. The shell is easily anchored and removable thanks to a magnetic locking / unlocking system. The Stelvio is equipped with the latest generation anti-sagging system, with micrometric adjustment of the rear rotor, inside which a flashing LED light has been placed. As always, Salice Occhiali pays special attention to safety, in fact the Stelvio helmet provides for a double certification: EN 1078 and the American CPSC certification. Stelvio Technical Specifications: Size: XS (51-56) and XL (56-60) Weight: 240/300 grams. Approval: EN 1078 CPSC. Available color variants: Stelvio XL White, Black, Black / Yellow, Black / Red, Black / Blue, Black / Orange, Black / Green, Stelvio XS Black / Yellow, Black / Red, Black, Black / White Colors Italy: ITA White, ITA Nero.

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