• Salice Occhiali for the next winter season presents the new mask 619 designed for freestyle and snowboard, a product that will leave its mark not only for quality and technology, but also for style and character. The 619 is characterized by an original and futuristic design that   + info

619/619- ITA BIANCO-RW CLEAR-1581072642_s.jpg
619/619-ITA NERO-RW CLEAR-1581072498_s.jpg
619/619-BIANCO-RW CLEAR-1581072900_s.jpg
619/619-BIANCO-RW CLEAR-1581072950_s.jpg
619/619-AZZURRO-RW CLEAR-1581073100_s.jpg
619/619-NERO-RW CLEAR-1581073553_s.jpg
619/619-NERO-RW CLEAR-1581073331_s.jpg
619/619-NERO-RW CLEAR-1581073423_s.jpg
619/619-ANTRACITE-RW CLEAR-1581073389_s.jpg
619/619-BIANCO-RW CLEAR-1581073021_s.jpg
619/619-ARANCIO-RW CLEAR-1581073614_s.jpg
619/619-LIME-RW CLEAR-1581073673_s.jpg

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