100. That's how it is called, like the 100 years of Salice. The new goggle, officially presented at ISPO 2019, is light and wide and, like the twin 101, is a winsome reinterpretation of the famous goggles of the '70s. Those worn by the “valanga azzurra” champions that brought so much success to Salice. If the style and design of the goggle recall the vintage of those glorio ...


100/100-ROSSO-RW CLEAR-1677231771_s.jpg
100/100-LIME-RW CLEAR-1677231008_s.jpg
100/100-BIANCO-RW CLEAR-1677231397_s.jpg
100/100-ANTRACITE-RW CLEAR-1677231612_s.jpg
100/100-ANTRACITE-RW CLEAR-1612521316_s.jpg
100/100-NERO-RW CLEAR-1677232040_s.jpg
100/100-NERO-RW CLEAR-1677233255_s.jpg
100/100-NERO-RW CLEAR-1677232189_s.jpg
100/100-BIANCO-RW CLEAR-1677230809_s.jpg
100/100-BIANCO-RW CLEAR-1677232420_s.jpg
100/100-BIANCO-RW CLEAR-1677232570_s.jpg
100/100-NERO-RW CLEAR-1677232294_s.jpg


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