SALICE CATALOG - 28/02/2019
"100th Anniversary" with the Salice gold logo and the classic Italian flag of the "Vedi italiano" pay off. The cover of the new Salice catalog is impressive and appealing, on a black background with a goggle and a sunglass in chiaroscuro, and celebrates the century of life of the
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KID JUNIOR HELMET - 22/02/2019
Salice has completely renewed the KID junior helmet line offered to the youngsters. Compact: this is the watchword for the brand new KID which comes in one size fits all with adjuster and in new colours. Made with moulding technology, where the outer shell is printed directly wit
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GOGGLE 907 - 20/02/2019
Salice new product for cross-country skiing is called 907. Comfort, design and technology are the characteristics of this goggle that can be appreciated for its tilting lens and the appeal in matching colours between lenses and straps. The tilting of lens is one of the cool fea
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ISPO AWARD - 05/02/2019
Even ISPO wanted to celebrate the 100 years of Salice Occhiali. This morning, in fact, the trade show Community Manager, Bastian Dietz, was at our stand to deliver a plaque awarded to Salice Occhiali to celebrate its prestigious anniversary. For our company it is a nice recognit
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GOGGLE 100 and 101 - 03/02/2019
100. That's how it is called, like the 100 years of Salice. The new goggle, officially presented at ISPO 2019, is light and wide and, like the twin 101, is a winsome reinterpretation of the famous goggles of the '70s. Those worn by the “valanga azzurra” champions that brought
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CORTINA 2021 - 31/01/2019
Versatility: this is Eagle helmet watchword. Salice Occhiali’s flagship model for ISPO 2019 is presented with its classic features, as well as in some new and modern colours. Although the most important news regarding this helmet comes with the "Cortina" version, the official h
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ISPO MUNICH 2019 - 01/01/2019
Salice Occhiali will be present at the biggest trade show in Europe from the 3rd to 6th of February 2019
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STELVIO - 27/07/2018
To better adapt to the needs of its athletes, Salice Occhiali decided to develop a new shell of the Stelvio helmet introducing the XS size (51-56) to satisfy everyone's needs. The new Stelvio XS will be available in 4 colour variants, plus 2 classic Italian versions with the famo
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The Ghibli helmet is a fantastic product designed for all cycling lovers. It has been revised for the 2018 collection in the new solid colours Black-Red and Black. It combines technology, design, and style. The Ghibli helmet is compact and it ensures great protection and comfo
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LEVANTE HELMET The Levante helmet, presented here along with the 016 and 017 sunglasses models, is produced with the innovative In-Moulding construction technology, which guarantees a better shock absorption capacity. The Levante helmet is produced one-size-fits-all with size adj
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SALICE GLASSES 019 - 31/05/2018
Salice 019 is a sunglasses designed for great performance, enveloping, light and firmly on the head. Ideal for all kinds of sports such as running, kitesurfing, rafting, rowing, sky running and ski mountaineering, it has been designed based on athletes’ needs. It has an essent
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Stelvio is the new helmet by Salice Occhiali mountain-biking, where the aesthetic and functional aspects are combined so to keep intact the optimal protection properties. Stelvio is a very versatile and customizable product. There are two elements that distinguish it: the front
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CHRONO Helmet - 24/04/2018
Thanks to Salice R&D team and the contribution of many athletes that have come and gone over the years, Salice Occhiali has been able to create models for competitions characterized by their high technology and quality. This is the case of the Chrono helmet, a model designed for
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GLASSES 015 - 11/04/2018
Salice 015, designed for high mountains, represents a significant step forward in the concept of versatility of sports eyewear, satisfying the need of those who need to completely protect their eyes from the sun rays. The main feature of this model is the provision of side guards
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KID HELMET - 29/03/2018
Ski safety is essential, especially for the little ones. Salice KID helmet was created for children’s safety. Made with In-Moulding construction technology, it is characterized by a solid, durable and light structure. This model ensures comfort and protection. It is equipped wi
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Eagle helmet and Goggles 605 - 26/03/2018
The Eagle helmet is a versatile helmet designed for those who love winter sports. It has an ultra-compact design and it is extreme light thanks to the In-Moulding technology: the EPS inner shell is co-molded to the external polycarbonate shell. The new ventilation system uses a r
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GLASSES 011. - 01/02/2018
Salice Occhiali looks forward to the next season with the 011 model. These are glasses designed to meet the needs of all of those who cycle, mountain bike and other sports since they are extremely light and have an attractive and gritty design, characterized by an enveloping and
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STELVIO HELMET - 01/01/2018
Salice Occhiali has developed a new helmet specifically designed for mountain biking, where the aesthetic and functional aspects have been enhanced like never before, keeping the optimal protection properties intact in case of collisions and accidental falls. Stelvio is the innov
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C RACE HELMET - 01/01/2018
Safety for those who practice sports is one of the most important factors, even more so in skiing at a professional level. For this reason, Salice Occhiali, a company that has been one of the leader brands for sports equipment for over 95 years, has introduced the C-Race helmet.
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